Minister Howard (Jack) Wooling Retires After 33 1/2 Years of Service


Minister Howard (Jack) Wooling. Photo by Kyani R. Corbett.

This past Sunday, December 30th 2018, over five hundred people gathered at the South­side Church of Christ to cele­brate the retirement of it’s Min­ister, Howard (Jack) Wooling. Minister Wooling served this congregation for 33 1/2 years.
Minister Wooling was bap­tized in 1968, by Minister Gro­ver Wilson. He attended the Laurel Street Church of Christ working as the Assistant min­ister from 1969-1976. He at­tended the Fremont Church of Christ working as the Assistant minister from 1976-1985. Min­ister Wooling has been the min­ister at the Southside Church, starting in 1985 until his retire­ment this past Sunday.
Minister Wooling attended Schenley High School in Pitts­burg, Pa.{1956-59}. Eastern Nazarene College, majoring in Psychology, Anthopology and Sociology obtaining a B.A. degree (1960-65) Boston Col­lege University specializing in teaching the blind to walk with a cane, obtaining a M.A. degree (1965-67). U.C. Berke­ley’s School of Public Health specializing in Hospital Ad­ministretion obtaining a Mph degree (1970-72).
Minister Wooling continued the missionary work started by Minister F.F. Carson in Nigeria thirty years ago. He, Minister Mark Sharpe and Elder Gene Adams started new missionary works in Cameron and Pana­ma.
The program started at 11:00 with Minister Stacy Jones the assistant minister of the Mac­donald Ave. Church of Christ preaching the word and Broth­er Corey Williams from the Bay North Church of Christ leading songs. Mark Sharpe, minister of Southside Church was the Master of Ceremony. Minister Sam Morris from the Bay North Church of Christ in Fairfield and Minister David Sharpe from Southside did ser­monette’s.
Musical selections were provided by the Southside Chorus, Friends Of Christ and the Coats Singers.
Presentations were made by U.S. Congressman Mark De­Saulnier, Contra Costa County Supervisor John Gioia and City of Richmond Mayor Tom Butt.
Minister Wooling did clos­ing remarks and food was served by Willa Gaye, Nika’s Catering.


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