New District 6 City Councilmember Loren Taylor’s Priorities: Jobs, Schools, Economic Growth

From left to right: Son Manny Taylor (6), wife Dr. Erica Taylor, Loren Taylor and daughter Camryn Taylor (9).

From left to right: Son Manny Taylor (6), wife Dr. Erica Taylor, Loren Taylor and daughter Camryn Taylor (9).

Loren Taylor, the newly elected council member representing District 6, has pledged to make jobs and economic development his priorities.
Taylor cites his bio­medical engineering back­ground experiences of helping to launch busi­nesses and create value as the basis for his knowl­edge of how to create an incubator process, “a sys­tems approach” for financ­ing startups.
Not waiting to be sworn in, Taylor has already taken the initiative to help form a Freshman Cau­cus with Sheng Thao and Nikki Bas to make sure the City Council supports education in Oakland. Each of the new council members has school-age children and wants to push for comprehensive wrap­around support services for the school system.
“I also want living wage jobs so everybody who wants to stay in Oakland can afford to live here,” said Taylor.
Since his election, he has hosted a small business incubator in collaboration with the Healthy Haven­scourt Collaborative and the East Bay Asian Local Development Corpora­tion.
“I am circulating a sur­vey of the residents of my district,” he said. “I want to find out who wants to work with me to help make the district a model. I want to build on the mo­mentum of the campaign.”
Taylor also wants to use his expertise as a business consultant to work with faith-based institutions, non-profits and investors to improve the Coliseum area job and business po­tential.
The swearing-in cer­emony for newly elected Oakland city officials will be held Monday, Jan. 7 at 11 a.m. in Oakland City Hall, City Council Cham­bers. The ceremony is free and open to the public, but space is limited and avail­able only on a first-come basis. Following the cer­emony will be a reception outside of Council Cham­bers.
(Next week: Part 2 Tay­lor’s plan to improve Dis­trict 6)


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