Redistricting Vallejo


Subject to legal challenges under the California Voting
Rights Act, “at-large” elections in Vallejo have been challenged as
discriminatory. In an attempt to examine whether transitioning to “by-district”
or district-based elections is a better approach, Vallejo City Council has
launched a series of community meet­ings and public hearings, where local
residents are encouraged to learn about the district election process and have
an opportunity to voice their concerns and submit comments.

In addition to collecting public comments, city staff has also provided local residents with a tool kit, giving residents the op­portunity to “draw Vallejo” to determine how the six districts in Vallejo should be identified. While residents are encouraged to submit ideas for the districts based on community needs and pri­orities, all districts must contain an equal population of voters. To learn more about rules and restrictions about district draw­ings, view the Draw Vallejo video at

Drawings will be considered by the City Council on January
22 and February 26, and it is anticipated that the introduction of the
ordinance will take place on March 26. If passed, the new district-based
election system will allow each district to vote for city councilmembers,
however, city-wide elections will be held for the mayor.

To learn more about district-based elections and to view
addi­tional information and resources about drawing your own district map, click
here. To submit map drawings or comments, email [email protected]

The city hosted the first District Mapping Community Meet­ing
on January 5 at the Norman C. King Center. Another hearing will be held on
January 22 at 7:00 p.m. at the City Council Cham­bers. Spanish-language
interpretation services will be available. Should you require additional
interpretation services for other languages, please contact
[email protected]


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