Kaiser Gives $5.2 Million to Affordable Housing

(Left to right) Janet Liang, regional president for Kaiser Permanente of Northern California, Bernard J. Tyson, Kaiser Permanente Chairman and CEO, Libby Schaaf, Mayor of Oakland, and Bechara Choucair, MD, Kaiser Permanente Chief Community Health Officer. Photo by Conway Jones.

Kaiser Permanente Chairman and CEO Ber­nard Tyson and Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf announced the first $5.2 mil­lion investment from Kai­ser Permanente’s $200 million Thriving Commu­nities Fund.

This investment will fund the purchase of a 41- unit apartment building in East Oakland—a first step in the health care giant’s ef­forts toward ending home­lessness.

Kaiser created this fund in 2018 to improve com­munity health by addressing­ homelessness, together with other pressing public health issues.

“Housing security is a cru­cial health issue for vulner­able populations,” said Ty­son. “Access to affordable housing is a key component to Kaiser Permanente’s mis­sion to improve the health of our members and the communities we serve and to advance the economic, social and environmental conditions for health,” he continued.

Tyson said that none should go without the hu­man necessities of food and housing.

This announcement came because of Mayor Schaaf’s effort to end homelessness for more than 500 Oakland resi­dents.

“The health and well­ness of Oakland is tied to housing in Oakland,” said Mayor Schaaf. “I’m grate­ful for partners like Kaiser Permanente, the East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation, and Enter­prise Community Part­ners, who are taking a new approach to improving the health outcomes of all our residents by improv­ing housing security for our most vulnerable resi­dents.”

“I’m pleased that Kai­ser Permanente’s first im­pact investment to address housing and homeless­ness is in Oakland, dem­onstrating our organiza­tion’s commitment to our communities here and in the Bay Area,” said Janet Liang, regional president for Kaiser Permanente of Northern California.

This is a bold invest­ment to improve Oakland’s health.

Schaaf pledged to con­tinue to innovate and cre­ate new pathways until all Oakland residents, in all neighborhoods, feel secure in their housing.


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