Election for Slate of Progressive Democrats in 18th District on Jan. 27

Rob Bonta

State Rep. Rob Bonta is call­ing for all Democrats living in the 18th Assembly District (Alameda, San Leandro and most of Oakland)—to support the Unity Slate of delegates for the California Democratic Party.

The election is on Sunday, January 27th from Noon-2:45 p.m. at the College of Alameda in Building F.

For this election, you must vote in person during the des­ignated window of time.

Every two years, Califor­nia voters have the chance to choose who will be represent­ing them within the California Democratic Party. At these elections, called Assembly District Election Meetings or ADEMS, Democrats in each Assembly District select seven women and seven men who will help determine the direc­tion of the party including set­ting the Democratic Party plat­form, making endorsements for candidates and proposi­tions, and selecting a new Party Chair.

In Assembly District 18, in­cluding most of Oakland and all of Alameda and San Leandro, a diverse group of progressive activists, labor leaders, and elected officials have joined to­gether to form the Progressive- Labor Unity Slate.

The Unity slate is made up of Sean Dugar (Executive Board); Oakland city council­members Nikki Fortunato Bas and Sheng Thao; Alameda School Board Member Gray Harris; Sugar Sweetened Bev­erage Advisory Board Member Kim Carter Martinez; Alameda City Councilmember Malia Vella, Mari Perez-Ruiz of the Alameda Renters’ Coalition; Jeff DelBono, president of Local 689 of the International Association of Firefighters; Tonya D. Love (TDL), Dwayne C. Ealy, Jeremy Wolff, Gary Jimenez, Yonatan Landau and John Knox White.

While their backgrounds vary, slate members are linked by a commitment to justice, inclusion, equity, and opportu­nity. They are prepared to put in the work necessary to pro­tect East Bay values and push the Democratic Party to stay strong, vibrant, and relevant.

In addition to progressive ideals, the slate has a history of progressive accomplishments at the grassroots and govern­mental level. Slate members have led the charge in increas­ing the minimum wage, pro­tecting renters, combatting homelessness, and promoting public education.

“These leaders are true pro­gressive champions and war­riors for hard-working fami­lies. They are effective and will work together to achieve great things for the East Bay,” Bonta said.

Recent accomplishments in­clude opening the Richmond- SF Ferry, creating the Califor­nia Democratic Party Renters Caucus, and winning the de­cisive victories necessary to establish progressive majori­ties on the Oakland and Alam­eda City Councils. Their back­ground in getting results have earned the Progressive-Labor Unity Slate the endorsement of Assemblymember Rob Bonta, SEIU Local 1021, and the Al­ameda Labor Council.

On top of electing 14 rep­resentatives to the California Democratic Party’s Central Committee, we will be select­ing one E-Board member who is responsible for representing the community at semi-annual E-Board meetings.

The Progressive-Labor Uni­ty Slate candidate for E-Board is Sean Dugar. The former Western Regional Director of the NAACP and Co-Founder of the California Young Demo­crats Black Caucus, Sean has been serving on the E-Board for the last two years. As an E-Board representative, Sean has fought against displacement and gentrification, advocated for healthcare as a human right, and built coalitions to imple­ment lasting change.


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