Richmond Promise Workshops Prep for College Financial Aid Deadlines

The Richmond Promise hosted a Financial Aid Kick-Off Rally at De Anza High School on Friday, Jan. 11, 2019. (Photos courtesy of the Richmond Promise)

With deadlines to apply for college financial aid fast-ap­proaching, a Richmond pro­gram providing free scholar­ship money and support has launched an aggressive cam­paign to ensure every last high school senior from Richmond and North Richmond can real­ize their college dreams.

On Friday, officials from the Richmond Promise program held a Financial Aid Kick-Off Rally at De Anza High School attended by all of the high school’s seniors and staff. The event aimed to get high school seniors both aware and excited about securing funds for college, and invited all Richmond and North Rich­mond high school seniors to a series of workshops set to take place at both De Anza High and Kennedy High through March 2.

March 2 is the Cal Grant deadline for submission of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA) or Cali­fornia Dream Act for the 2019- 20 school year.

The workshops will also pre­pare students for the Richmond Promise scholarship applica­tion deadline of March 8.

The Richmond Promise pro­vides funds of up to $6,000 to Richmond graduates of any public, charter, or private high school in the West Contra Costa School District boundary area. The program also provides stu­dents with a network of guid­ance and support in financial aid, academics and college ac­climation.

Richmond Promise was es­tablished in 2014 by a $35 mil­lion investment from Chevron Richmond, which was part of a larger $90 million environ­mental and community invest­ment agreement with the City of Richmond, that connected to the company’s Refinery Modernization Project. Since 2016, the program has com­mitted $5.4 million in scholar­ships to hundreds of students along with programs to sup­port them before and during the college experience.

The successful program re­cently appeared in a Forbes. com article penned by the program’s executive director Jessie Stewart, who described the Promise as a movement toward building “a college-going and graduating culture throughout the city.”

Below, see dates and loca­tions for upcoming workshops to assist students with their financial aid and Richmond Promise applications:

DeAnza High School:

January 11th – Financial Aid Kick-Off Rally

January 25th – 1st work­shop (Getting Started with FAFSA)

February 1st – 2nd work­shop (Tax Return/W-2 infor­mation)

February 8th – 3rd work­shop (RP and local/regional scholarships)

March 1st – 4th workshop (Last day Financial Aid Appli­cation Push)

Kennedy High School:

January 23rd & 24th – Pro­gram Introduction

January 30th & 31st – 1st workshop (Getting Started with FAFSA)

February 6th & 7th – 2nd workshop (Tax Return/W-2 in­formation)

February 13th & 14th – 3rd workshop (RP and local/ regional scholarships)

February 27th & 28th – 4th workshop (Last day Financial Aid Application Push)


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