Families Demand Justice Over Police Slayings

California Families United 4 Justice meet at the office of Civil Rights attorney John Burris in Oakland to file Public Records Act requests under the new law that requires police departments to reveal records of officer misconduct. The Love Not Blood Campaign organized the meeting.

Members of the Oscar Grant family, Cephus “Uncle Bobby” Johnson and Beatrice “Aunt B X” Johnson went to Sacramento Monday to speak in the wake of the police killing of Stephon Clark at the Sacramento Community Police Review Commission in support of a bill to hold police officers accountable for deadly shootings. Attending the meeting at John Burris’ office were families of victims of police violence: Oscar Grant family, Cephus “Uncle Bobby X” Johnson and Beatrice “Aunt B X” Johnson; Nate Greer’s spouse, DeeNa Greer; Agustin “Augie” Gonsalez family, mother Karla Gonsalez; James Rivera family, mother Dionne Smith and Carey Downs; Richard Perkins family, mother Ada Perkins; Colby Friday family, mother Denise Friday; Kerry Baxter family, Grandmother Anita Wills; Richard Petite Perez family, father Richard Perez; Sahleem Tindle family, mother Yolanda Banks Reed; Derrick Gains family, great aunt Delores Piper.


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