Join Leonard Powell as He Goes to Court to Fight to Stay in His Home

Leonard Powell

Supporters of veteran Mr. Leonard Powell are invited to join Friends of Adeline in court, Tuesday, April 2 at 9 a.m., Dept. 511 in Alameda County Superior Court, 24405 Amador St. in Hayward.

This is supposed to be the final hearing.  With the help of many people through a GoFundMe drive, Mr. Powell now has an escrow account with $119,000.

With the other loans that he has gotten from the Veterans Administration and the City of Berkeley he should now be able to get his house back.  The receiver, Gerard Keena, wants to sell the property.  With many of us in court to support Mr. Powell,  we hope that Judge Jeffrey Brand will allow Mr. Powell to get the keys and move back in.

There has been much talk from the receiver, the City of Berkeley, Habitat for Humanity, about them all wanting Mr. Powell to be able to live in his home.  The reality is that the end result is that after Mr. Powell finished paying for his house in 1994, and he now has to pay almost $700,000 to get to live in it.  With all the stated good intentions, this project went horribly wrong.

It is about time for the people involved to demand answers as to  how this happened:

Who chose this receiver, and why has he been given almost total authority to decide how this home would be repaired?

Fortunately, thousands of people have supported Leonard Powell’s hope to live in his own home and have contributed mostly small amounts of money to help him get there.

Now our community and neighbors need to come to court to show our continuing desire for him to be able to remain in South Berkeley.

For more information contact Friends of Adeline at (510)338-7843 or [email protected]


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