The Southside Church of Christ Ladies’ Lectureship

From left to right: 1st Row: Alexandria Sharpe, Endiya Corbett, Kariér Bryant; 2nd Row: Yvonne French, Annie Stephens, Joyce Hudson, Georgia Jackson, Molly Crittenden, Juanita Guillory, Kyani Corbett; 3rd Row: Elmina Green, Jeannetta Anderson, Robbie Gillard, Louise Nicks, Phyllis Robinson, Janet Trevillion, Lynn Reddrick, Sharon Moore, Veronica Adams, Brenda Nealy, Matshidisio Nicks, Harriet Paden, Silvia Sharpe, Cynthia Penado; 4th Row: Yolanda Smith, Monica Williams, Torri Sharpe, Anne Russell, Virginia Hinds, Jerrel Gordon, Keisha Hines, Rita Allen, Karen Coats, Vickie Albert, Tina Mason, Narzetta Willis, Gia White, Teresa Williams. Photo by: Joe L. Fisher.

The Southside Church of Christ in Richmond held its Sister’s Hat Sunday on April 28.

About 160 women attended the bi-annual Ladies’ Lectureship, with the theme “The Woman Behind the Mask.”

There were workshops for age groups ranging from adolescents to adults.

‘Seeking Spriritual Beauty’ was conducted by Alicia Jones, and Monte Gregg was the leader of ‘Living Holy as  Virtuous Woman.’

Keisha Hines took on ‘Emotional Health, Spiritual Wealth,’ while Charleen Mininfield sponsored ‘I’m Enough! #selflove’ and Stephanie Nelson held forth on ‘I See You, Snake, But I’m Trying to Stay Pure.’

The spiritually uplifting weekend also included motivational speaker Jeannetta Anderson and the keynote speaker was Carole Hamilton, visiting from Dallas, Texas.

Southside Church of Christ has been at 1501 Florida Ave for nearly 50 years and is pastored by Minister Mark Sharpe.


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