The Town of Allensworth!


Allensworth was a town founded, funded, built and governed by African Americans in the early 1900s.

Colonel Allen Allensworth and some of his friends decided to purchase 800 acres of land in central California just west of Delano. This would be  a place were Black people could prosper and live in peace.

People came from near and far to live there. His dream was to also build the Tuskegee of the West as he believed strongly in education. That dream would never be as the state of California refused to allow the institution to be built.

In spite of that the town  of Allensworth grew and people were happy living there. Then, like dominoes falling ,one thing after the other brought to town to its knees. The water supply ran low, the train stop moved from Allensworth to Alpaugh, Ca., making it difficult to move people and products.

Colonel Allensworth was killed in Monrovia, Ca in 1914 by a motorcyclist. Though crippled, the town lived on. Eventually, the California Department of Parks and Recreation bought part of the land to keep the rich history of the town alive.

Today it is known as Colonel Allensworth State Historic Park. The Friends of Allensworth is a non-profit cooperating association that works with California State Parks to assist with that.

There are four events a year to raise money for the  interpretive program at the park: The second Saturday in February for Black History Month; third Saturday in May for Jubilee; second Saturday in June for Juneteenth and the second Saturday in October for Rededication.  Please join us as we pay homage to our ancestors and continue to share their history. As always there will be food, fun and entertainment and history.


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