Artist of the Month: Benji Friedman

The winning submission above is a digital piece by Benji Friedman. It is untitled and is part of Benji’s ongoing art practice of experimentation and discovery. To purchase a print or original piece, contact Benji via Instagram @benjifriedman or

Benji Friedman is an artist living in Berkeley, who works in a variety of mediums, from paint to collage to found sculptures to digital pieces. Follow Benji on instagram: @benjifriedman, or visit  his website:

“Whether physical or digital, for me the abstract art I share with the world is usually with the intention of simply providing people with new unknown things to look at. Hopefully by encountering and interacting visually with these works for however long, the opportunity arises for reflection, allowing the subconscious mind to speak in ways that can be heard and reacted to. I share my art with the hope that it can provide these moments in time to allow for contemplation and self discovery.”

TO ENTER: Create a free account at or on the Spotidol app. Submit an image of your artwork to the Oakland Post’s ‘Artist of the Month’ competition. Entries are scored for creativity, technical skill and voter popularity.

Follow our runners up on Instagram:

Olivia Reed (@olivesgarden666)

Sonjhai Meggette (@esotericimages)


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