First Ever Ramadan Iftar Held at San Francisco City Hall

San Francisco City Hall was glowing in green in honor of Ramadan Iftar on Friday, May 10.

The San Francisco Muslim community held its first ever Ramadan Iftar at City Hall on Friday, May 10.

With over 350 people in attendance and City Hall glowing in green in honor of the holiday celebrated by 25,000 residents in the city, the evening was filled with families, friends, and faith and city leaders sharing uplifting messages of hope in these times that can be both difficult and precious.

Iftar is the evening meal with which Muslims end their daily Ramadan fast at sunset. Muslims break their fast at the time of the call to prayer for the evening.

The Arab Resource and Organizing Center supported the iftar with the help of the support of the Mayor’s Office, the hard work of SF Muslim community members, Chinatown Community Development Center, Boys and Girls Club, Teachers 4 Social Justice, SEIU 87, the Yemeni American Association, AROC and our 45 volunteers that evening.

Mayor London Breed addressed the community, acknowledging this historic moment and  San Francisco’s longstanding commitment to social justice stating.

“We are tragically watching acts of violence fueled by islamophobia, bigotry, racism rise through the world,” she said. “And we are seeing people in positions of power use their platform not to speak out against these injustices but to stoke the flames of fear. But not tonight. Not tonight in San Francisco, and not ever in San Francisco. We are united.”

Imam Abu Qadir Al-Amin also spoke making the connection between commemorating the holy month of Ramadan to the  social responsibility to better serving our communities.

“Many times when we are called to City Hall it is some crisis that we are responding to, some tragedy, something terrible that has happened, to be with brothers and sisters to stand for justice, equality,” he said.

”To be here celebrating and commemorating the month of Ramadan, we are celebrating not just hunger, pain, and going without food and water. More importantly we are studying and reflecting over the guidance of God that he has given to us so that we can better serve humanity and live a fuller life respecting all of God’s creation.”


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