Major Transit Village Development Proposed for West Oakland


More than 1,000 apartments, retail and commercial space to revive Seventh Street

Decades after BART rolled through West Oakland destroying what was once a vibrant, Black, entertainment and commercial business district along Seventh Street, a local developer, Panoramic Interests, is planning to replace the devastation with a new and vibrant community of housing and small businesses.

Panoramic Interests is a real estate firm specializing in innovative infill developments, close to public transit.  Panoramic Interests, owned by Patrick Kennedy, has successfully completed 12 housing developments in Alameda County and San Francisco over the past 29 years.

“We are grateful for the broad support of the West Oakland community, and look forward to creating something special on 7th Street,” says Kennedy.

The Development

Panoramic Interests is planning to develop 500 Kirkham (the Development) on the site bound by 7th Street, Kirkham Street, 5th Street and Union Street. The Development will house 1,032 apartments ranging from one to five bedrooms in size and will provide 85 apartments for families earning less than 50% of the area median income.  The rent for the affordable units is set by Alameda County Housing Authority at one bedroom for $1,191; two bedrooms for $1,428; three bedrooms for $1,650; four bedrooms for $1,841, and five bedrooms-$2,031.

“Coupled with the adjacent West Oakland Station development, the Panoramic Development will recharge 7th Street and the BART station itself – a new beacon of sorts, around which the Bay Area’s surging urban vitality, an internationally recognized phenomenon, can dependably organize and expand,” said Steve Lowe, vice president of both the West Oakland Commerce Association and the Jack London District Association and a board member of Old Oakland Neighbors.

The Development will provide 33,950-square-feet of retail and commercial space for 40 small, local shops. Tenants may include a coffee shop, Laundromat, pharmacy, beauty shop, restaurants, jazz bar, day care and small grocery store.

Retail and commercial businesses in Building One will have 15,711 square feet; building two, 14,347, and building three, 3,892 square feet. Panoramic is volunteering to set aside 20% of the retail and commercial space for nonprofit businesses and low-income entrepreneurs.

Additionally, the Development provides 59 on-site parking stalls, six car-share stalls, 10 electric car charging stations, plus 300 off-site parking (on an as-needed basis) at 1357 5th Street, (a parking lot across the street from the Development), and on-site bicycle parking for long-term and short-term parking needs.

The Development also boasts public park space with outdoor seating, 60,000-square-feet landscaped areas, two new pedestrian alleys for neighborhood gatherings, a dedicated play area for children and a peaceful area for family gatherings. The Development is housed in three buildings which have been designed to meet elements of the Engineering Equitable Participation (EEP) as a development strategy.


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