Yes, Mrs. Daisy is Still Driving

(L to R) Rev. Vincent Martin and Pastor Frank Darby, Jr., stand behind Mrs. Essie Goins, 100, Mrs.Anna Glen, 101, and Mrs. Daisy Murray, 101. Photo by Sonjhai Meggette.

Mrs. Daisy Murray is a woman absolutely dedicated to the Lord. So much so that the widow of Rev. C. L. Murray, who was pastor of North Oakland Baptist Church, still goes to church on Sundays, driving herself and her friend, Mrs. Anna Glen.

But what makes an ordinary event newsworthy is that Murray and Glen are both 101 years old. Glen is 12 days older than Murray.   

Murray decided not to wait to see if anyone noticed and called the Post Newspaper Group herself. She said that she had known the former owners, the late Tom and Velda Berkley, and she likes the new Post.

She asked if the Post would send a photographer to meet them at church to commemorate the two women dressed in their Sunday best. The Post agreed and sent a photographer on June 2 to meet them at their place of worship, Bethel Missionary Baptist Church at 6901 Herbert Guice Way.

The Post staff indicated that talking with Mrs. Daisy Murray was a delight. She was given the name of “Queen Bee” by the Berkleys and “Queen Bee” she is!


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