Charlotte Maxwell Clinic Celebrates Move to New Facility with June 27 Open House


Reiki, acupuncture, herb treatment for low-income women with cancer

The Charlotte Maxwell Clinic (CMC) is celebrating its recent relocation with an Open House to friends, community supporters and partners, clients, and volunteers on Thursday, June 27th, at its new location at 411 30th Street, Suite 508, Oakland, CA 94609 across from Sutter Hospital.  The event will take place from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

“We are really grateful to have found a wonderful light-filled space that is still accessible to our clients,” says Clinic CEO yvonne charles.  For more than 27 years, CMC has been providing integrative cancer care free of charge to low-income women in Oakland to reduce side effects and improve recovery from conventional cancer treatments such as radiation, chemotherapy and surgery.

CMC delivers integrative medicine, including  acupuncture and herbs, massage, Reiki and guided imagery, through a volunteer base of over 100 practitioners, alongside practical support such as grocery cards, emergency fund, and food pantry services to more than 220 underserved women in the greater Oakland community.

CMC is named in memory of Charlotte Maxwell, a local social justice activist who, after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer, discovered an enhanced quality of life through the use of a variety of integrative medicine therapies. CMC opened in 1992 four years after her death with a mission to offer integrative medicine therapies free of charge to women who would not otherwise be able to afford them.  Over the years, CMC has grown as a result of community need, dedicated response from the practitioner community, and ongoing philanthropic and charitable support. 


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