City of Vallejo Launches Pilot Internship Program


On June 11, the City of Vallejo welcomed 14 new interns as a part of the City’s new summer internship program. The 10-week pilot program provides a work-based learning opportunity to undergraduate, graduate, and high school/ GED certificated students and recent graduates. During the internship, interns are learning about public service and acquiring skills necessary to function effectively in their career field, as well as becoming more knowledgeable on civic engagement. The goal of the internship is to provide the opportunity for interns to:

    Take on relevant work assignments.

    Form professional contacts and networks.

    Gain exposure to and experience key aspects of local government

    Share new ideas, information and perspectives with current City employees.

    Participate in professional development activities, such as resumes and interview training.

During the program, in addition to working in their respected departments, interns will participate in sessions led by City staff, including a tour of the Fleming Hill Water Treatment Plant, a visit to the Emergency Response Center, a resume writing workshop, and engage in mock interviews.


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