A Juneteenth Festival in Marin City


A Juneteenth Festival was celebrated in Marin City on Saturday, June 29, in the Manzanita Recreation Center. People enjoyed themselves by eating, buying from the vendors and listening to the performers.

The photo includes some of the vendors and performers who were there.

Top row from left: Troy Lampkins (bass), Henry James (percussion and vocal), Dante McClinton (drums), Rich­ard Howell (sax), George Epps II (keyboard), front row sitting: Osiezhe Bramah (percussion).

Top right: Jonnique Carter, Stewart Perrilliat. Next pho­tos: Malik selling ice cream. Orann Crawford of BigO’s Tacos.

Second row from left: Family Affair Trio: Alfred Carr, Lyn­da Huff, Gregory Simmons, Charlie Huff-Baker. Oshalla Diana Marcus dancing.

Third row from left at rear, the Curtis Lawson Band: David Sobel (piano), Ian Lamson (guitar), Robbi Bean (drums), Dale Whitmore (bass). Front left: McKinley Moore was the guest singer. Front right: Linda Lawson is recording the performance.


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