Stop the Violence Coalition Taking Action in East Oakland

Adamika Village CEO Darryl Allums.

Youth Alive, Moms Demand Action and Ad­amika Village are partner­ing to organize a “Stop the Violence” community event at Sunnyside/Verdese Cart­er Park in East Oakland, in District 7, Saturday, July 13, 2019,from 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

“Our youth are tired of see­ing their friends murdered, and they’re ready to do some­thing about it. We’re finally reaching the population that can make a difference,” said Adamika Village CEO Dar­ryl Allums. “Oakland had 10 more homicides in 2019 then this time last year and 80% have happened in deep East Oakland. The community is reeling from the effects and is saying ‘Enough! Our children and youth have organized this event and need our support.’”

The youth-led organizers’ goals include violence pre­vention, raising awareness as to how each individual can help bring peace to the com­munity, and to have fun. Teens on Target students and other local groups will present in­formation and resources on violence prevention, employ­ment, housing, mental illness, substance abuse, re-entry is­sues and provide empower­ment groups and health and wellness strategies including distributing gun locks.

Three non-profit organi­zations are partnering with Vision Quilt to facilitate a community art project honor­ing 2019 victims of violence. Other activities include free haircuts by local barbers, clothing giveaways, and ac­tivities for children. Free re­freshments will also be served

“As always, we need com­munity support,” Allums said. “We really hope the commu­nity supports our youth in redirecting their destiny be­cause they’re ready to address violence in their commu­nity head-on. Please, please, please give generously to our kids as if a life depended on it because it does.”

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