City Council Approves Kaiser Permanente Thrive Center To Centralize W orkforce in Downtown Oakland

Rendering of the new Kaiser Permanente Thrive Center headquarters in Oakland.

The Oakland City Council voted unanimously to authorize a DDA (Dis­position and Development Agreement) with W/L Telegraph Owner, LLC or a related entity for the sale of 2100 Tele­graph Avenue.

Alan Dones, Developer

“It’s not the Kaiser Project, it’s the 2100 Project,” said developer Alan Do­nes, speaking at the July 9 City Council meeting. “lt’s between my company and Lane Partners, and we’ve been working on the project for 10 years. This project is one that is going to con­tribute to the well-being and betterment of people to earn a good living, have good housing, as well as a great office project,” he said.

The project will house the new Kai­ser Permanente Thrive Center head­quarters in Oakland. The new building is scheduled to break ground in 2020.

Kaiser Chairman and CEO Bernard J. Tyson previously had announced that the new building will accommodate the 7,200 national and Northern California Regional employees and physicians who currently work in seven different loca­tions, and will enhance collaboration and provide more modern workplace tech­nology.

Tyson said the design will emphasize green construction, and will include a health clinic, community meeting spac­es, a showplace for locally inspired art and other benefits for the community which will include an increase of local tax revenues and help to create jobs in Oakland.

Bernard J. Tyson, CEO

This new downtown Oakland build­ing will reduce operational costs by more than $60 million annually, addressing facilities maintenance, inefficient util­ity expenses and rising commer­cial real estate leases. Reinvesting these savings will advance Kaiser Permanente’s mission of providing high-quality, affordable care for its members and communities.

The new offices will include modern, environmentally sustain­able, efficient working space with improved access to public transpor­tation, all of which will support em­ployee collaboration, productivity and Kaiser Permanente’s goal to be carbon net positive by 2025.

Kaiser Permanente’s 7,200 na­tional and Northern California Re­gional employees currently work in seven separate sites, primarily in Oak­land. Once construction of the Kaiser Permanente Thrive Center is complete in 2023, existing buildings currently owned by Kaiser Permanente will be acquired by local developer Lane Part­ners for renovation and commercial use.

Kaiser Permanente is the largest em­ployer in Oakland and delivers signifi­cant economic impact to the city and the region. This new building is estimated to generate a one-time $23 million in economic benefit in addition to more than $15 million annually in local tax revenues for the city, according to site developer Lane Partners.

Over the coming months, Kaiser Permanente announced that it will en­gage its employees and the Oakland community in the planning and devel­opment of its new location, as well as best uses for public spaces in the build­ing to foster collaboration and wellness.

Click HERE for more information on Kaiser Per­manente’s future home.


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