Oakland’s Mayor Libby Schaaf and the Oakland Symphony Youth Orchestra in Shanghai, China

From right to left: Mayor Libby Schaaf, Conductor Omid Zoufonoun, and Composer Dr. Zhou Long, following the Oakland Symphony Youth Orchestra concert, Shang¬hai Oriental Art Center Concert Hall, Shanghai, China, July 14, 2019. Photo by Yui Hay Lee.

Mayor Libby Schaaf attended a concert per­formed by the Oakland Symphony Youth Orches­tra at the Shanghai Orien­tal Art Center Concert Hall Shanghai, China, Sunday, July 14.

Mayor Schaaf toured with a 22-member delega­tion.

The Youth Orchestra, led by Principal Conduc­tor Omid Zoufonoun, has 65 talented music students aged 12-22 years from the Bay Area.

Schaaf joined the con­ductor on stage at the end of the concert with Dr. Zhou Long, composer of The Rhyme of Taigu.

Schaaf said “I am so proud of the Oakland Sym­phony Youth Orchestra. These gifted young men and women represent the outstanding musical talent that we have in Oakland, California.”

The youth orchestra’s performance was a “gift of art” that Oakland shared with Shanghai.

“It was a great way for our mayor to start her trade mission and an excellent way to promote peace, friendship, and economic stability.

‘Art is the capital of di­plomacy,’ “ said Conway Jones, long-time supporter of the youth orchestra.


  1. Humm… Very good for the young kids to have this experience, but…. How is it that we learn about this and we are not aware when the orchestra plays here in the city? And the mayor with a 22 member delegation?? Sure they enjoy the trip, but how much it cost us for they’re pleasure?


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