Memorial to Dedicated Volunteer Approved for Historic San Pablo Site

A donated memorial bench will be installed around the existing Cork Tree located between Bunk House and Blume House at San Pablo Civic Center in memory of a dedicated volunteer who recently passed away.

A lasting memory to a be­loved and dedicated volunteer with the San Pablo Historical Museum Society (SPHS) will soon be added to an historic city site.

Last week, San Pablo City Council unanimously approved a request to install a donated me­morial bench around the exist­ing Cork Tree located between Bunk House and Blume House at San Pablo Civic Center.

The memorial bench, fitted with a plaque, will honor the memory of Audrey Lassen for her years of volunteer service as Treasurer to the SPHS organi­zation, the city said.

Lassen was a longterm vol­unteer who supported the SPHS with both her time and money, said Janet Pottier, president of the San Pablo Historical and Museum Society.

Lassen was instrumental in helping the historical society to publish its recent book.

She “decided to live across the street so she could continue coming to the historical soci­ety and helping us out,” Pottier said. “She would come in her wheelchair, with her oxygen attached, to the museum to ei­ther participate in our meetings or be a docent or just come in order to work with some of our very many, somewhat disorga­nized files.”

Added Pottier, “She knew more about the history of San Pablo than most people.”

Lassen’s family is funding the memorial bench, and no public funds will be used.

The SPHS is a nonprofit that partners with the city to operate the Alvarado Adobe Museum, Blume House and Bunk House for cultural and educational purposes at 13831 San Pablo Ave.


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