Never Too Late to Get into Shape for Summer

Jonathan 'Fitness' Jones

Do you want to improve the quality of your life? Who doesn’t?

Jonathan ‘Fitness’ Jones has the answer. He says it is never too late to get into shape for summer.

Here’s how.

Jones is the creator of breathing aerobics, a fit­ness regime centered on deep-breathing tech­niques.

The Breathing Guru is adamant about spreading the benefits of breathing and the impact it can have on wellness.

“I’ve got a breathing technique for everybody,” Jones says. “Breathe-to-achieve is the secret.”

Jones says there is never a bad time to incorporate deep breathing into your wellness program.

Throughout the day, Jones suggests you invest in your mind and body by deep breathing. “Mornings set the tone of your day; right before meals, speeds up your metabolism; dur­ing breaks, prevents burn­out; before major tasks, improves focus; and be­fore bed, clears the mind to achieve better sleep.”

Jones hopes to help peo­ple break the cycle of lay­ered stress. “Many people have stress on top of stress on top of stress. Eventually you reach a breaking point. With my techniques, you can prevent that.”

By relieving stress pe­riodically, Jones says you can increase your energy and improve the quality of your life.

Contact Jonathan “Fit­ness” Jones to learn more at [email protected] or telephone (415) 236-3806. Website:


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