Remembering Post Editor Chauncey Bailey

Chauncey Bailey

Chauncey Bailey, the editor-in-chief of the Oak­land Post, was shot down and murdered early in the morning on Aug. 2, 2007 in front of a child care center at 14th and Alice Streets in downtown Oakland. Some of those involved with the killing are now in prison.

Photo by Amaranth Modacure

Bailey was shot while walking to work from his apartment near Lake Mer­ritt. He was scheduled to meet with Post Publisher Paul Cobb to discuss Bai­ley’s series of articles on the Oakland Police Department after the head of the Oakland Police Officers Association had called to tell him to stop investigating officers’ overtime pay and the report of their conduct towards youth.

“Even though the city and the Post staff lost its coura­geous editor over an article we never published, we have since remained steadfastly committed to his unabash­edly straightforward investi­gative style while calling for more transparency in gov­ernment. His reputation and accomplishments have in­spired many to pursue jour­nalism at the Post/El Mundo and elsewhere,” said Cobb.


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