Families and Friends Celebrate Special Occasions at Geoffrey’s Inner Circle Sunday Evening Jazz Concerts

Left to right:1) Kelvin Curry (Oakland artist), 2) his partner, Kathy Dorsey 3), Eric Murphy (photographer, curator, Alameda County arts commissioner and gallery ambassa¬dor of the Joyce Gordon Gallery), 4) his brother Patrick Murphy (Oakland native visit¬ing from Texas to celebrate his birthday, 5) Nancy Murphy (Patrick’s wife from Texas), 6) Patrick’s brother, Kista Murphy (Oakland), 7) Tyrreia Alexander, (Kista’s girlfriend), 8) his sister, Monica Murphy “ Lady Soul” (professional singer), from Richmond, CA, 9) Katrina McDonald, 10) and her husband, Carl McDonald (both also visiting from Texas). Photo by Paul Cobb.

Every Sunday evening some patrons of Jazz and Blues celebrate special occasions– birthdays, family reunions and group parties at Geoffrey’s Inner Circle. Recently, while Monica Murphy was singing, Post Publisher Paul Cobb pho­tographed Kelvin Curry and members of the Murphy fam­ily who hail from Texas.

Patrick Murphy is the founder of Super EZ Forex, a financial investment group in the currency markets. He is also a relationship coach and founder of The Conflicts of Life, where he shares dating, relationship, and life chang­ing tips to thousands of people weekly through his live Face­book broadcast with his wife, Nancy. Patrick is also the au­thor of “Through the Eyes of a Failure.” Nancy Murphy is a life coach, author, trainer and educator. She is the author of the book “Conquering Rejec­tion: Loving Yourself When Others Choose to Throw You Away.”

She will be releasing her second book, “The Pros and Cons of Marriage: A Secret Guide to Know If Marriage Is Right for You.”


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