This Youth Generation Goes to Camp

From left to right: Roman, Jimmy, J.J., Amir, Gabriel, Elijah and Chris pose with Deon D. Price, founder and execu¬tive director of This Youth Generation. The boys will board a bus headed to YMCA summer camp at Jones Gulch in La Honda for the 3rd year.

This Youth Generation (TYG), a non-profit headquar­tered in Fairfield sent a dozen students to camp in LaHonda this weekend. The group of boys and girls aged 11-16 will experi­ence a week in the wilderness of LaHonda, California engaged in hiking, archery, swimming, horseback riding and other ac­tivities.

In partnership with the YMCA, TYG provided a vi­able way for students who may not otherwise be able to pay for camps costing nearly $1000 per week.

Founder of TYG, Deon D. Price an author and youth skills coach, began the collaboration with the YMCA to give students an opportunity to unplug from the day to day and connect with nature.

“My partnership with the YMCA is amazing. I’ve part­nered with them for three years now. For many sending a child to camp is unattainable, espe­cially low income families,” said Price. “It is important to give youth an opportunity to ex­perience different environments for their development. Camp gives youth an opportunity to explore and learn in addition to making new friends.”

Price says upon returning back from camp, the youth are often transformed. “One student said he did not want to leave, he found that he really enjoyed the outdoors. Some students have never had experience kayaking or archery and at camp they can learn these skills in a safe envi­ronment with guidance.”

With over two decades of creating youth programs, Price says he’s committed to youth and community service. “Our youth are our most precious resource. We must continue to invest in our children and pro­vide them with the tools and ex­periences early in life to succeed throughout life.”

Through his organization This Youth Generation, he pro­vides motivational talks and workshops to youth, parents, educators and youth workers. Through his on-line youth life skills academy, Price has en­gaged over 1000 students world-wide. With his column “This Youth Generation” and book, “Raised In Hell”, a non-fiction family dramedy about the humor and hardship of a dysfunctional upbringing, Price informs, en­courages and entertains.

“The gift of camp and the overall empowerment of our children is life changing. Please contact us to donate to send more children to camp.”

For more information on how to give a child the gift of camp and other valuable resources, call (707) 386-9178, email thisy­[email protected] or visit


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