Council President Kaplan Remembers Chauncey Bailey

Chauncey Bailey

Twelve years ago, Oakland jour­nalist Chauncey Bailey was mur­dered. He was serving as Editor in Chief for the Oakland Post at the time and had previously worked at Soul Beat TV and the Oakland Tri­bune.

Rebecca Kaplan

“Today (Aug. 2) is the anniver­sary of the murder of Chauncey Bailey,” Kaplan said. “Let us honor his life and his memory, including by honestly investigating the back­ground of his murder.

“I knew Chauncey personally. In fact, when I ran for office for the first time in 2000, when I had no money and no fame, he was one of the first reporters who treated me with respect and interviewed me repeatedly.

“He was a deep and thoughtful journalist who told important truths. He was investigating serious issues when he was murdered. We must honor his life by keeping his legacy alive.

“I am asking the Oakland Police Commission to look into it,” said Ka­plan.


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