Raiders beat Rams in preseason debut

Photo by Eric Taylor

Oakland – Two days of practice during Training Camp.  Now both teams got the opportunity to open up the pre-season facing each other.  No starters no problem.  The Raiders beat the Rams 14-3 in their preseason debut without their main starters on the field.

No Derek Carr or Jared Goff.   Both back-ups Mike Glennon and Blake Bortles got the nod.  Glennon completed 17 of 25 for 200 yards and two interceptions.  On the first series he displayed good communication with his receivers.  Glennon went deep on a pass to J.J Nelson for 38 yards.

That setup DeAndre Washington’s 7-yard touchdown.  Glennon had two passes intercepted including one in the end zone.  Oakland had a good rhythm going when Glennon made back-to-back passes to Ryan Grant for 18 yards, Keon Hatcher for 27 yards and Marcela Ateman for 19 yards.

“I was thinking about calling timeout beforehand and I should have done that,” said Glennon.  “It was a bad throw.”

With another opportunity to score before the half, Glennon’s intended pass was for Derek Carrier but was intercepted by Steven Parker in the end zone, who ran it back for 39 yards.  The effort was there for the offense but Glennon just couldn’t finish the plays.  Nathan Peterman made up for it in the third quarter.

Photo by Eric Taylor

Peterman who is competing with Glennon for the backup spot behind Carr, scrambled for 50 yards to setup his pass to Keelan Doss for the 3-yard touchdown.  Peterman went 9 of 12 throws for 66 yards.  After being forced out of the pocket on 3rd and fourth, Peterman made his way through the defense.  His pass to Doss was confirmed after further review.

“It was super clean pocket and I was able to get out to my left,” Peterman said.  “Took off and I was about to slide then noticed that there was nobody else there.  I think it was because of guys blocking downfield, guys making big plays for me.  Tried to get in there, didn’t quite make it.”

Antonio Brown continues to be absent from Training Camp.  It was first reported he developed blistered and frost bitten feet after receiving cryptotherapy in France.  Now, he’s filed a grievance with the NFL on a new rule that he can’t wear his decade old helmet.  Threatening to retire if he’s not allowed to wear his helmet, Brown still remains absent from camp.

“I support this guy,” said Gruden.  “I don’t know what anybody’s writing or what anybody thinks, but this foot injury wasn’t his fault.  This was a total accident.  It really wasn’t his fault and it’s a serous injury.

The helmet thing is a personal matter to him.  We’re supporting him and understand the league’s position as well, so we’re in a tough spot.”

Photo by Eric Taylor

Bortles struggled moving the offense and was replaced before the first quarter ended.  He completed 3 of 8 passes for 50 yards. Brandon Allen finished with 6 of 12 for 34 yards.  Greg Zuerlein’s 36-yard field goal late in the first half put the Rams on the board.  Despite two interceptions LA couldn’t get their offense going.

“I thought he did good,” Sean McCoy said.  “He had some drops.  I think the stats are misleading to the production that he had.  He made some good decisions.  I though he made the most of his opportunities.


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