Bethany Baptist Church Member Adeline Sweeney Celebrates 103rd Birthday


Bethany Baptist Church and the West Oakland community salute Mrs. Adeline Sweeney on her 103rd birthday.

Born in Natchez, Miss., on Sept. 25, 1916, Mrs. Sweeney moved to Southern California in the early 1960s. She worked in the SCAL shipyards, and later relocated to Northern California and began working for the Naval Supply Center in Oakland.

Initially a member of New Hope Baptist Church in Oakland, in 1964 she became one of the 212 Founding members of the Bethany Baptist Church under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Huey W. Watson, Sr. She had been a longtime, active member who faithfully attended church up until her health begin to fail her, only in Feb. of 2019.

A few years after her arrival in Oakland, Sweeny followed her dream to open Adeline’s Board and Care Home in the early ’70s, where she cared for disabled adults in her West Oakland home. She diligently provided care for many residents over a span of 20 years, until she closed the facility in the late ’90s. Even after closing the business, she maintained her license and would provide emergency service for those in need.

Sweeney was a proud advocate for the West Oakland community for many years, and is a board member of the West Oakland Community Center, working faithfully to keep people in her community involved in issues related to building a better community.

She has a large family of love from ranging from Alaska, California, Louisiana and Mississippi. When asked what she attributes to her longevity, Adeline says “prayer, talking to God and giving back to her community”.

“Ms. Adeline,” said the Bethany Baptist Church Family and the West Oakland Community. “It isn’t every day somebody turns a century old. We’re so glad you are one of the blessed few. It’s such a blessing to have you in our life. Happy 103rd birthday!, We love you and salute you.”


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