Sheryl Grant Shows How to Get FIT for Your Dreams

Sheryl Grant, CEO of Sheryl Grant Enterprises. Photo courtesy of Sheryl Grant.

Sheryl Grant has over 30+ years of “Executive Sales” experience in the High-Tech Industry.  While training for the Ms. Olympia contest in the 55+ category, she was reminded by her mentor; motivational speaker and now legend Mr. Les Brown, that she had a special gift and that she should use that gift to lift-up, inspire and motivate others.

Grant had intuitively and intellectually developed her own method to succeed in Corporate America and as a Professional Fitness Competitor. That formula, she realized, could be applied to any goal or dream, and especially for women, who often hold themselves back while supporting family, life partners, children, parents, the church or the community and they too could benefit from using her brand of FITness.   

She took a tremendous leap of F(aith), relied on her I(ntuition) and doubled down on the T(enacity) that had made her a winner. It wasn’t easy. Initially, that jump out of security into the unknown felt like death. “We are programmed into believing that our purpose in life is to get the education, to have the job, to get married, have the children and then we are ‘there’, Grant said in a statement. “Did we ever ask, ‘Where is that? “My reality said I did not have permission to live my best life,” Grant recalled.

 Now a motivational speaker, Grant is encouraging women of all ages the world over to embrace their dreams and breakthrough their perceived barriers to a mentality that serves them better.  Grant is about to embark on a lengthy tour. She’ll be going from Halifax to Los Angeles in North America and London, Cairo, Johannesburg and 16 other cities.  In addition to FIT, Grant has designed Kinectdots, “a curated network that will be a special resource for women and girls to get what they need,” Grant said, referring specifically to three barriers women entrepreneurs face: (1) Mentorship, (2) Training and (3) access to low-risk funding.

Now internationally renowned, she cleaves close to her roots. Based in Oakland, Ca. Grant serves on the board of the Oakland African American Chamber of Commerce and has recently partnered with them to deliver two powerful programs. The first is ‘FIT for the Future: a Master Class for Millennials’ and ‘FIT for Business: An Entrepreneurial Business Readiness Workshop.  For more information on her webinars, workshop, world tour. Live event schedule and for tips and tricks to transform and shift into total prosperity, visit her website at  You can also sign for her upcoming 60-Day FIT Program starting on Oct. 14, 2019, at (limited seats so sign up today).


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