Gov. Newsom Recaps State Efforts to Fight Wildfires and Help People Affected by PG&E Blackouts


Gov. Gavin Newsom recapped in detail the different ways the state mobilized resources to help Californians, including people with disabilities, in response to the recent wildfires and PG&E blackouts in October that affect­ed more than a million people in at least 35 counties.

He said all state agencies – concerned with everything from health and social services to business, transportation and public safety – joined hands with non-profits and private compa­nies like AT&T, Adobe, Apple, Google, Facebook, and more, to help affected Californians who needed it most.

“Faced with the unprecedent­ed decision by PG&E to leave millions of Californians with­out power, the State of Califor­nia sprung into action to protect vulnerable residents,” said New­som.

Newsom said the state has also kicked off a $75 million program to help state and local governments provide assistance to their residents during shutoffs.

A new website, RESPONSE. CA.GOV, will also “serve as a one-stop portal for resources available to Californians im­pacted by wildfires and power shutoffs,” the governor’s office said.


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