“Hip Hop Book Club Live,” Featuring Jahi and Chuck D at Merritt College

Chuck D

The “Hip Hop Book Club Live,” hosted by Jahi and fea­turing special guest Chuck D, will be held Sat., Dec. 7, 2019, at Merritt College, 12500 Campus Drive, Build­ing R – Huey Newton Student Lounge.

Entry costs $20 donation; space is limited.

The discussion, which is sponsored by Holy Names College and Merritt College, will look at three books: “The Day in Rap & Hip History” by Chuck D, “God Save the Queens” by Kathy Landoli and “Sweat the Technique” by Rakim.

The moderator of the dis­cussion will be Dr. Kimberly Mayfield, Holy Names’ dean of the

Dr. Kimberly Mayfield

School of Education, with greetings by Merritt Col­lege President Marie Elaine Burns.

This event is part of the collaboration between Holy Names University and Mer­ritt College, which allows students to start their college career at Merritt and then continue on “Higher Educa­tion Hill” to earn their bach­elor’s degrees at nearby Holy Names.

“This is just the beginning of our collaboration,” said Mayfield, pointing out that Holy Names has purchased 100 tickets to the Hip Hop Book Club so Merritt students can attend.

Another “Hip Hop Book Club Live” will be held at the end of February, speakers to be announced.

A class called “Hip Hop in the Contemporary World” will be offered at Holy Names University for students at both the university and Merritt Col­lege, taught by Jahi and Dr. Mayfield.

Proceeds from the Decem­ber 7 event will be used to sup­port students at Merritt who run into life difficulties that could interfere with their edu­cation, such as lack of food or other problems. The money will also support a fund for education students at the Holy Names School of Education who need to buy books or sup­plies for classrooms where they are teaching.

To purchase advanced tick­ets online, go to http://bit.ly/hiphopbookclub


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