Mac McDonald, Black Pinot Noir Winemaker, Inspired by Ladies In Red, Donated Thanksgiving Funds to Rev. Barnes’ Abyssinian Baptist Church

Mac McDonald (left) gives check to Rev. Kevin Barnes in Vallejo. Photo courtesy of Abyssinian Baptist Church.

It is Harvest time for the wine industry, but Mac McDonald, owner of Vision Cellars, wanted to give back. McDonald met with Bishop K.D. Barnes, pastor of Abyssinian Baptist Church, at the Vallejo location, to give a donation to help purchase turkeys for families in need. McDonald said “I know African-American families look to the church this time of the year to be around peo­ple and to get help. I want to help the church help the people.”

McDonald is one of the top 10 producers of Pinot Noir wine. He is located in Sonoma County and has been producing wine for 19 years.

McDonald has been following ‘Ladies In Red’ for several years. He has often seen the Ladies in various airports as they head to their destinations. He was inspired to give from their re­cent trip to Alabama. Brenda Knight, the founder of Ladies In Red, connected McDonald and Barnes for a special kind of meet­ing. “I meet people from all walks of life, and when they want to give, I just help connect people together. Givers are truly a bless­ing, and the receiver is always grateful,” says Knight.

“I just want people to know I care about our people and am pleased to make this donation to help feed people for this Thanks­giving,” McDonald said. Happy Thanksgiving.


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