Fundraising Campaign to Aid John Young’s Recovery From Auto Accident

John Young

John Young, former CEO of Marin Grassroots Leadership Network, had a tragic car accident in Sept. 2019, which has left him paralyzed from the neck down. Doctors were able to stabilize his condition and he is now on the road to recovery and counting the days until he can go home to his family.

Young is currently housed in a rehabilitation center receiving speech, occupational and physical therapy. His spirits are high, and he is eager to go home soon.

Young is a very proud and dignified man. His family, friends, and colleagues have blessed him with prayers and well wishes.

Donations are still welcome to help renovate Young’s home to accommodate his disability in a manner in which will allow him the ability to continue to live and thrive. John can continue to recover and make a smooth transition from rehabilitation in the privacy and comfort of his own home.

Tamara Young is organizing a GoFundMe fund-raiser, with the goal to raise $10,000.  So far, $2,945 has been raised. To donate, go

Ericka O. Erickson, who worked for Young at the Marin Grassroots Leadership, shared this about Young:

“John Young was born and raised in Marin, and founded the Marin County Grassroots Leadership Network as a community-based non-profit in 1994 to lift up the voices of under-represented communities of Marin by advancing civic engagement, leadership development, and advocacy.

For over 20 years, the organization engaged thousands of residents in non-partisan voter registration and education drives, educational events, and coalition building initiatives to address pressing issues affecting local low-income neighborhoods such as the Marin City and Canal district in San Rafael.

Young retired in 2015 and left a lasting legacy as, under his leadership, many grassroots organizations and leaders were nurtured and their impact is still making a difference in the lives of thousands of families.

Young lived in Marin City until 1999 and is currently a resident of Vallejo, where he lives with his wife Virl Young.”


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