Millennials Wonder About the Connection Between the Church and Voting

Charles Patton

Many millennials wonder how Christianity fits into the political process and what churches are doing, especially in this important election season.

Lanard McClindon, 31, entrepreneur and Bible coach who wrote the “The Entrepreneurial Church,” said “Little do most American’s know, this union was established in 1776 by men with Christian principles. Ninety-nine percent of the Founding Fathers were Christians and the remaining 1%, Benjamin Franklin, believed in God, but believed God was unresponsive in daily life and obligations.”

In 2020, there are many churches that are inspired to make a difference by getting people registered to vote instantly at their churches.

Some ministers are asking their members if they are registered, and then asking them to stand and be acknowledged. Then they ask those that are unregistered to stand and hold up their cell phones and visit to get registered right then amidst congregational applause.

This process can be used to register an entire congregation in minutes.  If the ministry doesn’t want to do non-partisan registration during their services, they can make the presentation outside before the attendees go home.

These simple steps along with an accountability plan that can include sending a “selfie” photo on Election Day or a picture of them sending in their mail-in ballot, help insure voter turnout.

Many people are using mail-in ballots to avoid long lines, traffic, childcare or getting off work.

Each newly registered person can be asked to reach out to their 20 closest family and friends to make sure that they’re also registered by using the same cell phone process.

Since 97% of adults have cell phones, the process has national application.

By applying this faith-based inspired grassroots process a church of 20 people can commit to getting 20 people to register and when that multiplies three times over, thousands of newly registered voters can spring from an initial congregation, business or community-based group of 20.

McClindon goes on to explain “The legislative branch representing God as the lawmaker; the executive branch as God’s ability to execute the Law; and the judicial process as God interpreting the Law; All the branches combined represent the sovereign authority of God as The Governing Author.”

For more information on McClindon’s “Biblical Life Course”, call (510) 356-2563.


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