Pamela Price’s People-Powered Progressives Panel Prevails

From left to right: Royl Roberts (AD18), Barisha Spriggs (AD20), Pamela Price (AD18), Austin Tam (AD18), Andrea Luna Bocanegra (AD18). Photo by Jeromy Schascer.

In a surprising election victory in the March primary, the People-Powered Progressives slate successfully “flipped” the Alameda County Democratic Party Central Committee. Five members of the slate were elected in Assembly District 18, including civil rights attorney Pamela Price, Martin Luther King Freedom Center Board member Royl Roberts, San Leandro City Councilmember Victor Aguilar, disability rights activist Austin Tam, and community activist Andrea Luna Bocanegra.

In Assembly District 20, two People-Powered Progressives candidates were elected: Barisha Spriggs and Melissa Shuen-Mallory.

In Assembly District 15, People-Powered Progressive candidate Paola LaVerde was in a tight race for a spot on the Central Committee.

Community Members of the Alameda County Democratic Party Central Committee are elected every 4 years. They represent all of Alameda County, including 5 Assembly Districts. The Central Committee functions as the local body of the California Democratic Party and is the gateway to the Party. It determines what candidates will be endorsed and supported by the Party, and how the money will be spent across the County.

Many longtime incumbents, including Party Chairwoman Robin Torello, failed to win a seat on the new Central Committee. The newly-elected members will take office in January 2021. Attorney Pamela Price who led the challenge along with slate Campaign manager Jeromey Slater was positive about the change in the composition of the Committee. “We can expect a dramatic difference in the direction and activities of the Democratic Party in Alameda County over the next four years,” said Price.

The new committee will include more diversity and community-based activists than in past years, and a larger group of representatives from Oakland for Assembly District 18, which includes most of Oakland, all of Alameda and all of San Leandro. In addition to the People-Powered Progressives candidates, other newly-elected members from Oakland include housing rights organizer Victoria Fierce, Rob Bonta’s legislative aide Tonya Love and former Stonewall President Brendalynn Goodall.

From left to right: Royl Roberts (AD18), Barisha Spriggs (AD20), Pamela Price (AD18), Austin Tam (AD18), Andrea Luna Bocanegra (AD18).

Interfaith Council of Alameda County is

Working Hard to Support the 2020 Census

Sometime in mid-March, households will start receiving information on how to respond to the 2020 Census either online, by phone, or by mail. Why is this important?

1. To make sure Alameda County gets its fair share of funding from the state and from Congress. An undercount would affect local services such as education, health care, transportation, etc.

2. To get appropriate representation in the House and Senate as well as local and statewide offices. An undercount would mean a loss of seats in government

The Interfaith Council of Alameda County is working hard to support the 2020 Census by helping to count populations such as immigrants, seniors, and the unhoused. Enumerator jobs are available at 2020CENSUS.GOV/JOBS or 1-855-JOB-2020.


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