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Oakland Pays $1.2 Million to Family of Man Slain by Police

The City of Oakland this week paid $1.2 million in a wrongful death settlement to the family of Demouria Hogg, who was killed by...

Police Still Refuse to Release Evidence in Demouria Hogg Shooting Death

Almost six weeks after the shooting death of Demouria Hogg, the Oakland Police Department and the City of Oakland have not released information related...

Community Wants Attorney General to Investigate Officer-involved Killing

Community members and the family of Demouria Hogg are calling on the Oakland Police Department and City of Oakland officials to release police-recorded videos...

Judge Henderson Will Monitor Investigations of Three OPD Shootings This Year

Federal Judge Thelton Henderson is monitoring how the Oakland Police Department (OPD) is handling the investigations of three officer-involved shootings this year, including the...
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