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Church Drummer, Corey Jones, Killed by Plainclothes Florida Police Officer

  By Carlos Harrison and Wesley Lowery, The Washington Post   Stranded on a highway off-ramp at 3 a.m., waiting for a tow truck, Corey Jones was...

No Justice in Trial of Killing of 17-Year-Old Jordan Davis

Commentary In the wake of the killings of Oscar Grant in Oakland and Trayvon Martin in Florida, Bay Area residents are again witnessing the emotional...

Marissa Alexander Released from Jail

Marissa Alexander, who was sentenced in 2012 to 20 years in prison for firing warning shots at her abusive husband, was released from jail...

Outraged Protests Continue in Wake of Zimmerman Verdict

The world was stunned last Saturday when jurors in the George Zimmerman murder trial returned with a verdict after only 16 hours of deliberation. Zimmerman...

OP-ED: One Million Call for Federal Charges Against Zimmerman

One Million Call for Federal Charges Against Zimmerman By Benjamin Todd Jealous One million people. As of Tuesday morning, one million people have signed an NAACP petition...