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After Vice Presidential Debate Social Media Stats Bad News For Democrats

Last night's Vice Presidential Debate between Virginia Senator Tim Kaine and Indiana Governor Mike Pence revealed a sad truth: Republicans are better organized on...

Vice Presidential Debate: Mike Pence Over Tim Kaine?

The 2016 Vice Presidential Debate between Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate, Virginia Senator Tim Kayne, and Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Mike Pence was called even before it started.

Oakland Activist Carroll Fife Reflects on Her Experience at Democratic National...

Now that the dust and balloons from the Democratic National Convention (DNC) have settled, local activist Carroll Fife, who attended the four-day gathering as...

Hillary Clinton Breaks the Glass Ceiling

Hillary Clinton made history Tuesday when she accepted the presidential nomination for the Democratic Party, saying to a cheering crowd, “I can’t believe we...

Hillary Clinton Pledges Commitment to Reforming Criminal Justice

At Columbia University today, Hillary Clinton called for the end of the “era of mass incarceration.” During remarks at the 18th Annual David N....

Hillary Clinton Keeps It Real In Silicon Valley

Santa Clara, CA - America voted in the first Black President, now its time to vote in the first woman. The cheers were loud...
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