Monday, September 16, 2019
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Bay Area Moms Launch Hunger Strike for Family Reunification

As the federal government failed to meet a court-ordered deadline to reunite immigrant families Thursday, Bay Area parents and grandparents announced a 3-day hunger strike—the...

Historic Settlement Ends CA Indefinite Solitary Confinement

Federal Judge Claudia Wilken this week approved the final agreement to end indefinite solitary confinement in California calling the settlement humane, innovative and fair.   Prisoners...

Woman Joins Fight to Free Her Mother and Other Detained Immigrants

Courtesy of www.newschannel10   Claims that hundreds of immigrant women seeking asylum in Texas are being mistreated has one Amarillo, Texas woman worried about her mom.   Cinthya...

Legislators Call for Reform of Solitary Confinement Conditions

A hearing was held Tuesday by legislators to push for sweeping reform in conditions faced by thousands of prisoners in solitary confinement at Pelican...

Prison Hunger Strikers Face Retaliation, Say Supporters

Authorities are taking reprisals against participants in the ongoing hunger strike of prisoners against the indefinite detention of inmates in solitary confinement in the...
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