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OP-ED: After the “Murder” of Trayvon Martin, Healing Will be Difficult

"Too Many White-Americans Still Don’t Understand" During the Zimmerman Trial, it was revealed that Trayvon Martin called Zimmerman a “cracker” and many white-Americans were shocked....

OP-ED: Preaching During Troubled Times: The Zimmerman Verdict

As I was finalizing my sermon last Sunday, I paused to listen to the George Zimmerman verdict. It was at this moment that...

OP-ED: Being Black in America

By DeWayne DickersonI was talking to my kid on Sunday about the verdict of the George Zimmerman trial. She’s six. She asked me the...

Kids from Oakland Freedom School in Trayvon Martin Protest

Students at Oakland Freedom School rallied to protest the Zimmerman trial in honor of Trayvon Martin around 1:30 PM. The march started at West...

OP-ED: One Million Call for Federal Charges Against Zimmerman

One Million Call for Federal Charges Against Zimmerman By Benjamin Todd Jealous One million people. As of Tuesday morning, one million people have signed an NAACP petition...

POST TV: Remembering Trayvon

A public outcry of justice has surged through the nation after George Zimmerman was acquitted of all charges related to the killing of unarmed...
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