Saturday, July 20, 2019
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Political Candidates Pledge to Refuse Donations From Coal Terminal Developer

Martin MacKerel (left) and Matthew Gerring hold up a sign that reads “No Coal in Oakland” outside of developer Phil Tagami’s Crocker Highlands home...

Anti-Coal Activists Ask Big Bank to Cut Ties With Coal Terminal

Martin MacKerel (left) and Matthew Gerring protest the Oakland Oversized & Bulk Terminal in front of developer Phil Tagami’s Crocker Highlands home during a...

City Leaders Determined to Fight Against Coal Terminal

One of the many protests against the coal terminalheld at the offices of developer Phil Tagami.City leaders are pledging to continue to fight for...

Court Ruling a Blow to “No Coal in Oakland”

Oakland community groups are calling this week’s federal court ruling that the City of Oakland violated its contract with the developer a “temporary setback”...

Clergy Warn of Dangers of Coal

Dozens of Bay Area faith leaders, including representatives of Baptist, Jewish, Roman Catholic and Episcopal communities, gathered at the steps of City Hall on...
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