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The Dismantling of White Privilege Can Affirm Reparations

God on Wall Street Last week, the nation heard Sen. Mitch McConnell suggest that the election of Barack Obama has satisfied America’s appetite for reparations....

Reparations For Unjust Enrichment

God on Wall StreetOn November 20, 1866, General Oliver Otis Howard, along with 10 other people, played a key role in the founding of...

Post Publisher Cobb Discusses Reparations and Politics

Paul Cobb to Interview on SIRIUS XM’s “Inside The Issue’s,” Podcast on Channel 126, with Wilmer J. Leon, III, Ph.D. Paul Cobb, owner and publisher...

U.S. Hits Largest Trade Deficit in 10 Years

Economists have recently started to talk about the U.S. trade deficit being at a decade high of $796 billion dollars. According to Wikipedia, the...

The Theology And Politics of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

When we study the theology and politics of Martin Luther King, Jr., his letter from the Birmingham Jail, shows the brilliance of his theological...

Faith Leaders Ask City Council to Say No to Coal

Community members and faith leaders are continuing to raise awareness about what they consider to be the dangers of coal to the health of...
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