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Giants lose, Dodgers closer to clinching

Los Angeles, CA - The season is finally coming to a close and the Giants couldn't be more happy to put this year behind...

SF Giants Yusmeiro Petit “one out away” from a perfect game

San Francisco, CA - The sellout crowd rose to their feet top of the eighth inning. Everyone knew that Yusmeiro Petit was six outs...

Giants walk-off win ties the series

San Francisco, CA - They'll take it anyway they can get it. The Giants rallied a comeback to tie the game in the...

Giants no match for the Red Sox

San Francisco, CA - You could see the defeat in his eyes as he stood calmly taking questions. AT times he looked in disbelief...

Giants pitching fails in loss to Orioles

Photo by: Ben Margot/AP San Francisco, CA - There was a time when the Giants pitching was stellar. It was the key to their success...