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Khe Sanh, Part Two

  To avoid an international incident, my driver and guide finished their lunch and we resumed our trip. Up to that point, no one had...

Vietnam, Xmas Bombing

December 18, 1972, after peace talks had broken down President Nixon started a massive bombing campaign over north Vietnam. These bombings came to be...

Vietnam 2013–Khe Sanh

I am headed to Khe Sanh firebase by taxi from the city of Hue to the mountains of Vietnam close to the Laotian border....

Vietnam–2013, The French Influence

Many of the Vietnam veterans who return to Vietnam speak in terms of paying homage to their brethren whose lives, limbs, and sanity were...

Vietnam 2013 In 1965, I remember talking to a classmate when I was 14 yrs. old about the Vietnam war. Even then we were speculating...

Vietnam Helicopter Pilot’s Association Reunion

On July 6, members of the Vietnam Helicopter Pilot’s Association (VHPA) from around the nation held their 30th reunion at the Hilton hotel in...
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